Voice Services

Why choose TQVS ?

TeleQuest Voice Services is one of the most established contact centres in the Philippines. With over 10 years of experience in telesurveys and lead generation, our specialist services include bespoke campaigns, back office services, market research and managed seat services.

TQVS has been running outbound campaigns and other related call centre services since 2007. Our directors have personal experience of running contact centres globally including in the UK, South Africa, Russia, India and the Philippines. Our directors also have a collective 30 years global experience in the contact centre industry. All of which means, we collectively have strong industry knowledge in data management, telephone lead generation, customer service and compliance.

Bespoke Campaigns

Our English speaking agent base are trained by inhouse specialists and managed enthusiastically to keep them motivated. TQVS is well established and operates across different time zones including UK, USA and Australia.

We work in close partnership with our clients to understand their requirements and needs. Before any campaign goes live, a detailed campaign strategy and expectation of results is delivered to the client for agreement. This enables us to deliver tangible and meaningful results that our clients expect. We are specialists in bespoke outbound campaigns, managed seat services, back office support and market research. TQVS can provide lead services that suit our clients’ needs. It is our aim to be your trusted BPO and call centre partner.

Lead Generation

Telephone Lead Generation

Fresh, reliable telephone leads for your sales campaign. Our outbound teams will ask the public specific questions on your behalf. When a prospect has met the criteria of the question set, this is a qualified lead. We can hot key the prospect to you, or send you their details for a call back. Utilizing the latest tools to identify and target potential customers is critical to the success of your outbound campaign.

  • With over 7 years of operating experience across many verticals, we are confident in the quality of the leads we generate
  • Freshly generated leads that will help you to close sales and increase productivity
  • Capitalise on brand activation by sponsoring one or more questions within the telephone or mobile survey.
  • The capability to generate high-quality leads at competitive prices

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