SME B2B Direct Marketing Package

only £699 per month, just £31 per day

Everyone hates outbound calling why not let us take that pain away?

Looking to grow your customer base? But online lead generation is getting too expensive?

If you have a sales team why not have one of our agents per team member?

Let us do the ‘grunt’ work, let them sell.

What’s Included?


 60 new company data mined daily – you provide the verticals (the type of company that you would like us to approach).

 60–contact us pages completed daily, again to be written with your account manager on onboarding.



 Dedicated agent who will learn your business type…with their team leader…

 120 calls per day – script of your choice, to be written with your account manager during onboarding.

 Full daily and weekly reporting on performance and where we see we can make improvements to the campaign.

 Our quality team listening to the work your agent does – 2 hours western headed trainer time to get better and better in the role weekly. Voice files of the work done available on request.

 60–emails sent to data-mined companies daily, again to be written with your account manager on onboarding.

 Help with ICO registration and advice if not yet registered.

 Any data bases you have we can clean up by PAF / address checking and CTPS checking to ensure you are up to date and compliant.

Rolling 60 days contract after first 14 days, if you decide to cancel in the first 14 days then a charge of £300 will be charged.

We have scripts written that work, we have the technology to support our offering, we have trained outbound agents ready to start calling for you, if you need to grow your business then contact:

Benny’s contact details 020 3951 7771 / whats app +639175052199

Please note if your company requirement is 10 agents for more then, further discounts can be given, please highlight this when you speak to us.