Reuben Cavalli

1. What is your role at TQVS?
Reuben is the current Head of Bespoke and is a highly-effective business development and operations manager.

2. Highlight your Strengths/Skills that you are contributing to the company.
With more than 26 years in the BPO industry, His excellence in sales, team management, and quality assurance enabled him to put every business he handles at the forefront of the industry. Equipped with the necessary skills in delivering superb customer experience, Reuben sees to it that he is able to work competently under pressure to succeed in the creation and implementation of business objectives.

3. Why TQVS?
Having worked in many large, medium and small call centres across the globe I have had the privilege of seeing how many different organizations work and what goes into many of the processes, procedures and policies. I can say, hand on heart that I have never been in a company that works as hard behind the scenes to ensure our campaigns are successful. Even after 26 years in this industry I am still learning new skills at TQVS which is a direct result of the time and effort put in by the entire team.

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