TQVS Leadership

Our Directors have an array of global experience in Sales and Marketing and a vast industry knowledge in Operations Management, Telephone Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition. Together they have over 20 years experience of working in the Outsourcing/Off-shoring Industries.

Piper Esguerra

Founder / Director

Piper started her career in the BPO industry as a call center agent way back in 2000. Upon learning about the industry, she told herself that she will move up as she continuously learn new things. Having the knowledge and confidence needed for the business, Piper came back to her previous company after five years not as an agent but as a client for the UK Marketing Questionnaire. And the rest as the say is history.
Piper considers herself as a follower of accelerated methodologies. Think-tanking. Rapid prototyping. Challenging ideas through testing. She keeps everything about the business in place by acknowledging root ideas, accepting what works and doing more of it, and learning what does not and changing it.
As a Director, she always remind herself on how she started and remains grateful for all the blessings and accomplishments she has. She considers TQVS as an instrument to continuously inspire others to dream and make themselves the reality of their vision of themselves.
When not working, you will either find her in a movie house or in a beach resort. If given more time, she would also love to travel back to the UK or perhaps Japan, USA or Italy.
Piper believes in the power of hard work and passion in others. She regards that only through hard work and patience that you can achieve your goals. Hence, it is your burning passion to help others to achieve your goals.

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