Piper Esguerra

Co-founder and director

1. What is your role at TQVS?
Co-founder and director

2. Highlight your Strengths/Skills that you are contributing to the company.
Systems, Technology, Databases and Backend Team is what I handled in TQVS. It’s the Engine and Fuel that burns and propel all departments to perform their task. I make sure that TQVS is fully equipped with all necessary enhanced tools such as customize CRM Application, preferred dialler settings, call behaviour dispositions, target calling data, automation tools for data validation and server security protocols.

Whatever equipment we have on each campaign we have a dedicated member of the backend team. We don’t leave a system on idle; we have eyes on each movement.

3. Why TQVS?
Why choose TQVS? Because we are not your ordinary Contact Centre. We are the extension of your company, another division with an impressive backend team to support a campaign from preparation to daily operation. We don’t stop we just move with you till you hit your goal.

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