Outbound Bespoke Lead Generation Campaigns

TQVS provide new marketing approaches and technology to increase your sales productivity and decrease expenditure on promotional activities. As your first line of contact for your clients or generating new leads for your business, our agents are highly proficient and are trained to follow the business process, delivering Western standards of customer service.

Bespoke: clearly means “Tailored to your needs” or “Customised.” TQVS will deliver services as required and in accordance with the requirements laid out by our clients. Our service is well suited to campaigns that may have mixed volumes, require seasonal activity, or need to be activated on an ad hoc basis.

We provide the following for Bespoke lead generation campaigns

  • Utilising top performing agents
  • Scrip creation
  • Fully managed Team
  • Call recordings sent next day (compliance is key)
  • All calling data provided
  • Brand and vertical “opt ins”
  • Daily delivery

TQVS will adjust your requirements to be suitable to fit B2C or B2C campaigns. Our strategy is effectively carried out to obtain the best results depending upon the targeted markets.

TQVS bites

Our Marketing Agents will generate leads that have agreed to receive a sales call from your company at a later stage in the future. When our Agents successfully qualify a sales lead, we identify them as a “TQVS bite,” – a potential sales contact, individual (B2C) or organisation (B2B) that expresses an interest in your goods or services. Their details are uploaded and delivered to our client within 10 minutes. We call this the “fast track process.” Our client can call the prospect back straight away knowing it’s been quality checked by our Quality Auditors.

HKT Hot Key Transfers

TQVS offer our clients a three way conference transfer solution, that in real time introduces the consumers to your business who have expressed a firm interest in purchasing your products or services. We can generate sustainable volumes of customers who are ready to purchase.

What is Hot Key Transfer? The Hot Key Transfer is simple: our agent calls the prospect, engages and qualifies the lead, then uses telephone transfer technology to deliver the potential client seamlessly to your sales team, (to conclude a sale.)

We immediately pass the warm lead straight through to your in-house sales team, or whoever is deemed most suitable to chat to a genuine prospect. It is a service that will transform your sales figures.

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