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UK Market Research

Telephone surveys and marketing questionnaires are ideal for data gathering, taking anyone from the general population as potential respondents. The results are an essential indicator of how people perceive your brand, your products and services. UK Market research can help you to evaluate your brand equity, brand loyalty, opinions regarding your products and services, and identify areas which need focus and improvement.

A direct marketing questionnaire is the most effective way to realise your target audience’s opinion. TQVS marketing questionnaires can collect data from specific segments of the public, such as age, demographics, geographic location and homeownership. The questionnaires are designed to identify the key information you are looking for. All telephone interviews are monitored and recorded, which means that our QA Team (quality analysts) observe and analyse the behaviour and attitude of both our agents and the respondents during our UK market research campaigns.

Call Centre Services Philippines: Winning Hearts and Minds through Innovative and Insightful UK Market Research

TQVS have the infrastructure and agent skills to deliver meaningful and insightful UK market research opinions. Our team of retail research experts are experienced in delivering tangible UK market research results, opinions and market data, all of which helps you to strengthen your position in the marketplace.

In addition, we can also help you with:

  • Get to know your customers opinions and preferences through engaging UK market research techniques
  • Discover the reasons why people buy
  • Identify potential purchase barriers
  • Packaging research. Does your packaging influence a prospects decision to buy?
  • Measure and track customer satisfaction
  • Develop and launch new products
  • Gain competitor advantage, market insights and increase sales

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