Managed Seat Service – Wet and Dry

The Philippines has become the world’s 2nd BPO capital due to increasing demand for offshore outsourcing. The need for wet and dry managed seat services has subsequently increased during this boom in the Philippines. In addition, many UK data suppliers have chosen the Philippines as a hub for data generation. The Filipino’s are known for their proficiency in the English language, competence and expertise in information technology, and are renowned for being hardworking, efficient and resourceful.
Our wet and dry managed seat services provide a launchpad for your business operations. Our contact centre boasts over 250 seats. We have all the IT infrastructure in place, agents and call centre space for an immediate launch. Or, you can use your own staff and rent out our office space and IT/telephony services.

Our terms are flexible to work around your needs and requirements. Contracts are from 3 to 12 months which include:

  • Fully fitted workstations with ergonomic chairs
  • Inter Core 3 and Core 5 PC’s
  • Fibre optic internet connectivity with Tier 1 provider
  • Round the clock IT support staff
  • Fully air-conditioned dedicated room
  • Pantry room, water station and individual lockers
  • Training room, receptions with mail handling
  • 24/7 CCTV security cameras
  • 100% power backups

TQVS Managed “Wet-Lease” Seat Service package” includes everything you need to get your venture up and running immediately. Fully-furnished computerized workspaces with internet connections, well-ventilated rooms, comfortable office furniture and facilities. We ALSO provide ALL your Management, HR and Staffing requirements.

TQVS Managed “Dry-Lease” Seat Service package includes everything you need to get your team operating. Fully-furnished computerized workspaces with internet connections, well-ventilated rooms, comfortable office furniture and facilities. You provide and manage your own staffing requirements.

TQVS Call Centre Managed Seat Service is ideal for:

  • A company wanting to test a team in the Philippines

We provide a spring board to launch your presence in the Philippines. Our team will work side by side with you to help set up your operation. Ongoing support and assistance will always be on hand during your managed seat service campaigns.

  • Looking to move/relocate your operations to Bacolod?

We provide an instant relocation. All office space, call centre space and IT/telephony are in place and ready for use. We aim to make your relocation seamless, stress free and speedy. We will work closely with you during your move to have you settled in and comfortable as quickly as possible

  • Are you a BPO in Manilla or Cebu looking to offer a lower seat cost alternative for your clients?”

One of the distinct advantages of operating in Bacolod City is the comparable cost savings compared to Manilla and Cebu. Operational expenditure and seat costs are typically 25-30% lower

  • Save up to 30% on Staff Salaries compared to Manila and Cebu

Due to the lower cost of living, business rates and utilities in Bacolod, the comparable seat cost saving compared to Manilla and Cebu is 30%

  • Disaster recovery provision

Every day, your business relies on facilities, infrastructure, hardware, communications, documents, applications, and existing data to function. What would happen if you suddenly lost access to these things?  For many businesses, it would be a significant problem, leading to a loss in profits and possibly even needing to close the business. With a disaster recovery plan, you can reduce your downtime and get your business operating again.

TQVS can provide the immediate provision of a fully functioning office or BPO at a moment’s notice should disaster strike at your existing business premises. Should TQVS be hit with a disaster, we have back up electricity generators, copious amounts of reserve food and drinking water, plus a building that can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

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