Head of Bespoke Client Services and Partnerships/Networks

I am part of the Client Services of TQVS which handles order forms and invoices for all new and existing campaigns. Send reminders to clients when the order is near its completion and attends to any requests or complaints that clients may have. Acts on behalf of the different departments of the company and help build goodwill and loyalty by consistently delivering for our clients and making them an integral part of our business growth

2. Highlight the Strengths/Skills that you are contributing to the company.
In a company that strives for success, its people also strive for the same thing. Being a flexible and self-disciplined person that works hard for the greater good is just a few trait that I do believe I possess that helps the organization. As I always communicate with different clients and departments, it requires quick understanding and critical thinking, these avoid any complications and more work. With a strong work ethic, I have managed to handle a couple of requests, complaints, or concerns without forgetting to give quality in any work that I do for the company.

3. Why TQVS?
Finding a good company that not only gives recognition to its people but also molds them to be better person is one of the things that the young generation of job seekers are looking for nowadays. Luckily, I have found TQVS. Its young and vibrant work environment gives me more space to be myself and do what I think is right in terms of my career. TQVS not only gives quality and remarkable business relationships with its clients but also provides proper assessment and acknowledgement to its employees.

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