Lead Generation

Lead Generation and Data Mining

As part of our call centre services Philippines package, TQVS provides live chat support, data mining, data input and data verification services. We also offer these services up to 30% cheaper than rates in Manilla and Cebu. See more below for a breakdown of these services

Call center services Philippines:

Back office services are customer touchpoints which need to handled professionally, quickly and effectively. Touchpoints such as email, live chat support, and social media handling are direct contact points with your customers and potential customers.

It is essential that these frontline services are handled correctly, first time every time.

Our highly experienced agents can be trained to handle all of the above touchpoints. This enables you to free up your resources for other areas of your business, such as marketing, driving sales and voice customer services.

Data entry

Data entry assignments are urgently required in quick-time as the recorded data is necessary and vital for business operations. For example, preparing invoices and updating databases. Data entry is time consuming and requires attention to detail. To enable businesses to meet these challenges, TQVS provides customised data entry services.

Our virtual assistants provide various services to entrepreneurs and businesses from our Filipino call centre. From digital marketing tasks, scheduling appointments and managing events. You can make a virtual assistant do “virtually” anything.

Data Mining

Data mining is the practice of examining large databases and other channels in order to identify new information. By analysing trends and topics, TQVS will collect information through different streams, utilising social media (LinkedIn, Facebook), telephone directories and customer databases. We also gather information through outbound marketing questionnaires and non-voice actives.

Our data mining activities can provide you with a huge database of fresh data and contacts to approach, thus enabling you to offer your products and services to new prospects and grow your business.

Data Validation and Requalification

TQVS will work your client data base to requalify and validate that the information is true and correct. We also obtain, add or update information that may be required. We will deliver validated data bases of prospects who have agreed/opted in to be contacted or to receive marketing information from your company.

Live Chat Support – Customer Service Solutions

Call center services Philippines:

Live chat agents provide essential customer service solutions and a popular alternative to calling customer services. This offers a two key benefits. Firstly, this reduces costs on your voice activities and secondly, live chat can offer a quicker response time than voice, especially at busy times.

TQVS provides live chat customer service solutions operators in the Philippines who will capture your audience interest to convert them into new customers, whilst also managing existing customers. On standby to instantly respond to your visitors enquiries, we will provide instant support and will capture their details for your follow up. Live chat agents provide excellent cost effective customer service solutions and real time response. Contact us now for further insights.

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