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Our Directors have an array of global experience in Sales and Marketing and a vast industry knowledge in Operations Management, Telephone Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition. Together they have over 20 years experience of working in the Outsourcing/Off-shoring Industries.

Joanne Valdez

Client Services Director

At TQVS, we begin as business partners. But ultimately, our goal is that we end up being friends. In Client Services, we do our best to help you heighten your business goals, be partners with you to understand the industry and the campaigns, see or create opportunities together and even at the worst times, we also share the hard lessons to be learned.

Joanne considers herself as always the “bridesmaid” but never the bride (well, not yet!). She relates her work to a bridesmaid as she attends to the bride (clients) needs, making sure everything is and lovely. She is also a handyman who tries to check where the leaks and problems are and do all that she can to check where the leaks and problems are as she tries to fix it. Joanne also see herself as a human spongebob because she absorbs all vibes—negative or positive—and still emerge with a face like Charlie Chaplin.

While a lot of people consider chains as a symbol of “control”, for Joanne, it depicts connections, links, and interactions. She believes that when these links are utilize, it fuels creativity and innovation where the best and brightest ideas in the world come into play. She also regards perfection as a result of being connected into the digital realm and looking at things differently while walking on the same direction.

When she is not busy with business-related stuff (which seldom happens) you will find her at the bookstore, supermarket, and hardware. She’s also enthused in collecting colourful pens and DIY stuff. When at home, she brings herself into a different dimension of her artistry. She likes to play 3D puzzles, and often transform herself into a Panda who can sleep anywhere.
Joanne is a woman guided by grit, fortitude and grace amidst pressure.

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