Piper Esguerra

Co-founder and director

1. What is your role at TQVS?
Co-founder and director

2. Highlight your Strengths/Skills that you are contributing to the company.

Departments I mainly handle:

  • Human Resources and Labour Relations
  • Compliance and Data Protection
  • Client Servicing and Account Management
  • Qualities that help me with my role, to name a few:
  • Problem Solving and Innovation
  • Strategic and Tactical approach to various organizational concerns
  • Emotional balance and Eyes on the Goal approach

Running TQVS is rarely about maintaining the status quo, but in seeking continuous improvement, finding better ways of doing things and maintaining and raising standards.  This includes learning from the past, and also seeking novel solutions where appropriate, creativity, ‘breaking the mould’ and bringing in others’ ideas without adopting a ‘not invented here’ approach, dealing with important matters first, and the resilience to overcome inevitable set-backs.

3. Why TQVS?

At TQVS, we strive to live our core values of unparalleled client satisfaction, teamwork, creating a positive impact, diversity and taking initiatives – we use this as reference in everything that we do and in all our endeavours.

Even at the beginning stages of the company, we have always envisioned TQVS as a company that will service both local and international clients. Yes, we are not located in the main business and commercial district of the Philippines but this never stopped us from servicing more than 133 clients, completing around 1,420 contracts across the UK, US and AU markets. Our location, our team and our leadership team are our strengths

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