TQVS Leadership

Our Directors have an array of global experience in Sales and Marketing and a vast industry knowledge in Operations Management, Telephone Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition. Together they have over 20 years experience of working in the Outsourcing/Off-shoring Industries.

Greg Life

Sales and Marketing Director

The past two decades were significantly spent establishing BPO start-ups and campaigns in various continents.   In Asia, Greg stayed in Bangalore, India for two years working with 120-seat outbound Telecoms for campaigns in the UK market.  Two years in St. Petersburg, Russia successfully established the first international outbound call centre in the country, Skymex- Consumer Surveys to UK market.

For six months in Cape Town, Africa, Greg created a strong team of 75 people doing surveys and market research and conducted 31 captive outsourcing campaigns. In Long Island, USA, he had a relevant three-week outbound telecoms campaign to the UK.

During the first 2 years and 6 months in the Philippines, Greg founded a network of up to 8 centres with 400 agents calling UK for Phurit Ltd – Consumer Surveys to the UK Market. Moreover, he generated over eighty paid consultancy jobs to India and the Philippines and have been a trainer for various major Telecoms companies – Orange, T Mobile, Vodaphone, BT, Toucan, and Microtalk. He was also the founder of Simply Outbound Ltd., which was sold out after two years.

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