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Eco and contribution to the community

TQVS is concerned about our environment and the communities of our immediate population surrounding Bacolod City. Being a Western owned business, we are aware of a more organized environment that we can take for granted back home in England. The Philippines lacks organised waste disposal infrastructure and regular garbage collection services. We would like to contribute to these issues by providing education and recycling incentives of plastic and plastic bottles. Bacolod is situated on an Island, where disposal of plastics is a problem.

We are an eco-friendly company. TQVS promotes rural development while supporting awareness and responsibility for marine ecology. We continue to provide jobs for this coastal province and contribute to environmental protection and conservation.

We volunteer to beach cleaning as an activity with the entire company staff to collect waste from the surrounding beeches. This is a team event and a great day out from the office. Making a small contribution to the environment whilst having fun, enjoying the day together and of course a scrumptious bbq.

We are very keen to hear from you with any suggestions as to which foundations or charities you would like us to engage with.

We are an eco-friendly company as well. TQVS promotes rural development while supporting awareness and responsibility for marine ecology. While we continue to provide jobs for this coastal province, we contribute to environment protection and conservation.

Committed in finding sustainable ways to grow business while protecting the planet and other resources, TQVS, together with the help of its employees will continue to develop policies that will take several environmental points such as substance throw outs, waste storage and disposal management, water conservation, and recycling into a more serious level.

The Philippines is one of the most popular destinations for individuals who want to experience breath-taking views of its beautiful islands. Hence, the country’s aquatic sceneries have been hailed as one of the most visited sights in the world. It is a challenge, however, to raise awareness and promote protecting its oceans and other water resources.

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