Albert Macam

Senior Operations Manager

1. What is your role at TQVS?

Jazz is our Senior Operations Manager; his main responsibility and accountability is to ensure that all campaigns are hitting target daily to maintain client’s satisfaction and exceeds expectations. He also manages manpower and recruitment, upskilling support staff with regards to intensive coaching and motivating agents, working with human resource for disciplinary and legalities with regards to benefits, rewards and promotions, working with Quality Department to ensure High Quality leads that we are sending to our clients. Also coordinates with Finance and IT for any site related concerns to maintain efficiency of the operations.

2. Highlight your Strengths/Skills that you are contributing to the company.

Jazz has a degree on Six Sigma (Green Belter) and Ontrac which are his biggest assets that he can contribute to the company’s success. Identifying possible challenges and coming up with excellent solutions is his game. Digging for root cause to any issues affecting productivity and creating action plans to ensure excellent results is his hobby.

3. Why TQVS?

Jazz’s experience in other BPO’s and dealing with different superiors for many years but when I started working with TQVS it made Jazz feel different. TQVS is FAMILY, my directors are like my parents, they criticize you not to fail but they criticize you to become more stronger and push your limit to enhance your capabilities as a Senior Manager. Also, the good thing about TQVS is we promote WORK LIFE BALANCE.

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