Don’t get burnt… Sadly not all call centres are honest

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Questions to ask yourself when choosing a centre offshore?

1. What is the quality of their website?
2. Do they work from free e-mails like Gmail, yahoo, or Google?
3. Do they have contact numbers that when you call get answered
4. Search the internet for the names of the owners is there any bad press
5. Ask for a tour via face time or similar of their centre – what do you see?
6. Ask them for process documents for departments like quality or IT
7. Ask around your own industry has anyone you know worked with them
8. Ask them for terms and conditions if you place an order with them, do they have any?
9. What % of the work they will do for you will be quality checked before it’s delivered to you?
10. What is the quality of their social media platforms like i.e., LinkedIn or Facebook?
11. Are they experienced in the type of campaign you are looking to run / How many have they done previously?
12. How accessible are they / Are they responsive on e-mails and calls you make to them?
13. Can they provide complete voice files for verification for all the ‘Sales’ they do on your campaign?
14. How long have they been in business?
15. Can they provide company registration documents?
16. How many current clients do they have?
17. Are they equipped to give you a tour of their centre, in person or virtually?
18. When you make a payment is it to the same name as the company or a personal account?
19. Do they have a licensed dialler that is known in the marketplace?
20. Is their ISP a fibre line and how much bandwidth?
21. Are there redundancy plans in place if service providers encounter issues?
22. Do they have an organizational chart of the company structure they can share?
23. What afterhours contact options can they provide you in case of emergency / is it manned 24/7?
24. What is the exact step by step process that is followed while producing on your campaign
25. What can they do over and above producing a lead or bite for your campaign


If you do get burnt you can only blame yourself that you did not ask the right questions and carry out the correct due diligence…
At TQVS we are here to answer as many questions as you have so that you are very comfortable choosing to work with us….

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