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“SOLD” is the word that we love to hear from our clients, sadly we don’t always get to hear the good news, so we wanted to share some pointers for you on how to make the most out of our leads.

3 Points to remember before calling the lead:

  1. Let’s discuss the plan – We are the experts hence we know the best practice on how our clients can penetrate the leads. Spend time with our account manager on the onboarding stage, we will share best practices on a number of items and the best way to call the leads we deliver to you. Ask as many questions as you wish!!!!
  2. Check your calling time – Timing plays very important when calling the leads. Don’t give up if the 1st lead is an answer machine, calling sessions should be done in 2 hour blocks so you can concentrate and call numbers back when consumers are out or busy.
  3. Review your script – Be more conversational when speaking to the lead and avoid sounding like a sales man. Understand the situation by listening more and by providing solution to their needs. Lastly, prepare a call to action script to close the deal.

Our lead generation team works hard to generate and provide you LEADS THAN CONVERT! Use our knowledge!!!

Let us know the type of leads you are looking for and we will come up with a solution to deliver.

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