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At TQVS we believe we have a fair set of rules to ensure our clients receive quality transfers but also TQVS does not lose out if a client becomes slack, over busy or does not have solid processes internally. HKT need both the provider (us) and the client (you) to perform at the same time and both be on the same page on the overall process.

Please find below our Hot Key Transfer Rules, we are very open to review these with you on a call.

  1. If a customer agrees to be transferred on the call recording and meets all script criteria it will be classed as valid. As a client you will receive all the voice files of the transfers we make to you.
  2. Any transfers that are not picked up at the clients end within 6 seconds and the consumer hangs up will be classed as valid. Any that are not picked up within the timeframe will be e-mailed to the client to call back.
  3. All agreed scripts must be always adhered to at both ends, please find below the hand over script:

Below is the script to be used from day 1 by both parties

Receiver at XXXX script

Hi, you’re though to XXXX at XXXX could I ask who you have on the line?

Warm transfer script TQVS Agent

Hi Peter, yes, I have Mr. / Mrs. (Cust Name) I will transfer him/her now

Then transfer

  1. No hold option available:

…….e.g., When we transfer the customer to the client, it will be a 3-way transfer fashion.
…….Both agent and customer will be on the line when the client answers the call and the handover script begins.

  1. TQVS can cater for transfers until 8pm we find as the day goes on the contact rate is better and more HKT are achieved.
  2. The transfer number is to be in the UK a 01, 02, and 03 number and not a non-geographic number.
  3. We must both have access to each other’s successful / unsuccessful call recordings so, we can establish a clear transparent approach this is vital in case of any dispute.
  4. We can change the agents on the campaign at any time without notice due to internal training and quality reviews.

As any process we run if you feel you have a better way
please share this with us we are very open to listen then adapt if it will improve results.

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