Just a few headliners to why you should work with TQVS…

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1. Use of our 250-seat center and all its facilities.
2. Experts in B2C & B2B lead generation and outbound calling
3. Senior management team with over 30 years’ experience
4. Highly motivated team of over 250 agents
5. World class telesurveys, back-office system, telemarketing and tele sales services
6. Agents are selected for the quality of their voice and accent – The sweet Filipino voice that customers love
7. Agents are on salary and are given stand-alone incentives to increase production and achieve maximum customer value
8. Clients do not pay for lunch or break times.
9. Additional agents are trained on campaign parameters and criteria to cover sickness or injury
10. In the event of a service provider outage, a backup ISP is utilized to avoid down time
11. Opted-in consumer data is used on all campaigns for compliance
12. Script writing / Training, Mentoring and Re-training of agents is done by UK and Australian nationals
13. Easy to read Daily / Weekly or Monthly reporting in any format you wish
14. Skype/Zoom & WhatsApp group chats for instant communications with Operations
15. Daily review of the campaign to increase results from all support areas of our business
16. Fully manned security and dedicated HR and QA teams Dynamic in-house CRM Team
17. Personalized CRM build for each campaign we run
18. Licensed Dialer – and UK support team – Connex One
19. Premium VOIP connectivity – Tier one routing with redundancy
20. Private calling rooms for teams over 20 agents with total CCTV access for monitoring purposes
21. Agents selected for quality of their voice and accent – The Filipino voice that customers love
22. 7.5 billable hours per day – Clients don’t pay for lunchtime or breaks.
23. Dynamic in-house CRM Team – bespoke CRM build
24. 100% validation – Only true consumers will be delivered to the client
25. We can get a call completed, validated, and delivered to the client in 20 minutes
26. Connex Licensed dialer / 30MB fiber line from PDLT and 20MB back from Globe
27. Board Jockey support – performance driven
28. Full reporting on your team
29. Experienced agents – no fresher’s
30. Constant review of your campaign for sucess
31. Calling Times from Monday to Saturday – 10:30am to 7:30pm
32. Calling of Landline Numbers
33. Calling of Mobile Numbers
34. New hires are processed through a strict screening process before entering a 40-day training period
35. Bacold City produces 500,000 university graduates each year ensures there is a significant pool of qualified staff readily available
36. We utilize the Philippines top voice outsourcing and call center services surpassing India in 2012. Source www.britishcouncil.ph
37. Mentoring is continuously
38. We serve clients in different time zones
39. Trainers possessing excellent communication skills to ensure our agents are well equipped.
40. Call investigation (for accurate reporting)
41. Quality check calls based on your specified standards
42. Team of Quality specialists designated exclusively for your campaign
43. Quality initiatives to drive performance with quality
44. Complete Quality and Control processes
45. Constant QA Training and Refreshers courses
46. We train our tele sales agents how to interact with people in the UK, USA, and Australia
47. Our agents easily develop rapport to discover consumer needs and requirements
48. Our telemarketers are resilient, Agile and Persistent and enthusiastic during your outbound call center campaign
49. Through experience and training, our agents can convert uninterested individuals into warm prospects
50. Being knowledgeable about the products and services they offer helps our agents establish credibility and professionalism
51. Our dedicated account managers, customer service and accounts team are always available to support you
52. We work in close partnership with our clients to understand their requirements and needs.
53. Before any campaign goes live, a detailed campaign strategy and expectation of results is delivered to the client for agreement
54. We produce fresh, reliable telephone leads for your sales campaign.
55. With over 10 years of operating experience across many verticals, we are confident in the quality of the leads we generate
56. We generate high-quality leads at competitive prices
57. We are very keen to hear from our clients for suggestions as to which foundations or charities they would like us to engage with.
58. We promote rural development while supporting awareness and responsibility for marine ecology
59. We offer an Instant Virtual Tour – as we are always maintained at our best and ready to show off our center
60. We are experts at opening calls and collecting information required by our client
61. We know our strengths and weaknesses
62. If we do not believe we can make a campaign a success for our client, we do not take on the campaign
63. 2 dedicated ISP PLDT and Globe both offering fiber connectivity and various calling routes that are used in the center
64. dialers only using tier one VOIP connections / calls and are protected against disaster
65. Full seat leasing and conference facilities (we seat lease to the USA and OZ companies
66. Fully trained staff at a fraction of the cost you would pay onshore
67. Our team is in its 10th year of business.
68. Due to our processes, policies, and reputation, we only closed for 2 weeks during the first wave of lockdown during the Pandemic
69. Data guarantee and 100% call recording availability for any leads produced for our clients is standard
70. All calls are recorded for training, monitoring and verification purposes
71. We take the time to look through your eyes and understand what’s important to you…
72. Our Key Offering: The fast-track delivery process: This process ensures that your records are delivered to you in real time
73. Fair Billing is standard and there is no VAT on any of our invoicing
74. Any data generated from a client’s bespoke campaign will be supplied strictly to that Client and never resold.
75. Throughout the whole Covid Pandemic our in house nurse and sanitization team kept the whole team safe with zero infections or outbreaks.


If you need any more information on the above points please reach out to us and
we can answer any question you may have +44 0203 630 0268, marketing@tqvs.co.uk

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