9 Must know TIPS to ensure your Lead Generation efforts compliment your sales cycle

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1. After lead purchase must do’s – The script used by a client’s confirmers is paramount to the campaign’s success. One of the classic blunders I see being made is that the follow up call to book the appointment is done from a stand alone call angle rather than a dovetailed approach incorporating elements of the original call to engage the customer.

2. When are the best times to call – The best time to call is NOW!!!
Statistics show that when a fresh lead is produced, QA verified and sent to a client, the success rate of that lead turning into an appointment for a survey of the home decreases by 25% every 4 hours that the lead is not called. With competition being at an all-time high, the consumer may receive a call from an alternate company with the same vertical within a very small window of time.

• The first obvious issue is that the consumer may assume a call from another company is the call they are waiting on from you… All the hard work that has gone into finding this new customer pays off for the alternate company who has not dedicated resources for the lead gen… You end up losing the money you outlaid for production of the leads and the bounty that would have come from getting the job.

• Secondly the longer it takes to get back to the customer the less likely they will piece together that the reason for your call… If called straightaway, you can rest assured that we as a lead gen provider we have only spoken to the consumer within the last 18 to 24 mins. It makes it very easy for the consumer to realize who you are onset of the call… Add that to the first TIP of DOVETAILING the follow up approach and you have a winning formula.

3. Communicate with your lead provider – IT IS A PARTNERSHIP of sorts, both relaying on feedback from the other to make the process more streamlined – TAKE THE TIME

4. Ensure all VF for the leads created – are accessible – without 100% of the VF being provided how do you ensure quality and contest incorrect information sent. Voice files are judge and jury as to if the center is its part correctly

5. Doctors visit – Don’t tell me!!! I know what’s wrong with you!!

• Understanding a client’s needs is paramount…
• How can a campaign be run successfully if the lead generator does not understand fully what needs to be done for you.
• This would usually come to pass via an onboarding session well before the campaign is set up.
• If the center are not asking questions like this ALARM bells are ringing


6. Virtual tour – When considering what center to use, knowing as much about the center will serve you best. One of the quick ways this can be achieved is requesting a virtual tour of the center via video conferencing. Look at the state of the center

• Shabby equals danger
• Clean and tidy are two great signs of a well-run center
• A tour should be something they can do on the flip of a coin… If setting up the tour takes more than a day alarm bells are ringing
• Ask to speak with some department heads

7. Quality: What makes a lead valid or invalid?
A lead Generator’s role is to:

• deliver what is written in the agreed script,
• collect the responses accurately and
• ensure agents are using the rebuttals as per the approved rebuttal sheet signed in the order.
• Voice files are judge and jury as to if a lead Generator’s did its part correctly
• A lead Generator’s role is to deliver what is written in the script and to ensure agents use rebuttals as per the rebuttal sheet.
If this has been done correctly, we deem a lead valid.

8. Businesses and how the phone gets answered – A business shows its proud of what they do when a call is answered with the:

• The company name
• The receivers name
• A thanks for calling does not hurt either 😊
You would be amazed how many do not do this…

9. If it doesn’t work try something different – definition of madness. Ask what the lead Gen intend on doing if:
• Numbers are not where they need to be?
• You find no one is answering calls when you follow up?
• The data or call strategy are not delivering?
• Who to call in these instances – POC, Owner – (Always get this)

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