£9.50 per hour – not with TQVS…

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Now is the time to really have your own offshore team…

With the breaking news of the minimum living wage in the UK increasing to £9.50 per hour in April, if you had not considered it before it’s now time to really invest your time to find out more on having an offshore team.

Our core business is outbound calling in various shapes and forms but also clients use us for the following: (these are campaigns live as of 25/10/2021)

  • Data base creation B2B
  • Market research work to B2C and B2B
  • List creation for sales teams
  • Calling B2B to confirm information about each company
  • Searching information on link din on various verticals
  • Help line / information line for UK
  • Quality voice file auditing work
  • Helping a company migrate their data bases and information to Hubspot
  • Online directory updating work
  • Email campaign confirming home and car insurance renewal dates

Not one of our clients pay over £9.50 per hour for any work we do and that includes everything…

Salary, incentives, dialler, VOIP, internet, the call centre, their stations with PC to work from, their management, HR team, IT team, Utilities, Covid Safe workplace, the list goes on….

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