Can a lobster fishermen succeed without his pots?

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Fishermen use wire traps submerged on the ocean bottom to catch lobster. Traps are attached to ropes and marked by buoys on the surface. The traps attract lobster with fish bait and capture them live. Using small boats, lobstermen haul their traps every two to three days.

Without the use of the pots their task would be impossible.

What makes a successful lobster fisherman is the type of pot he uses, the bait in the pot, where is sinks his pots and lastly when he decided to pull them up.

In the business that TQVS works this combination is the script that our agents use, with a well thought through script success will come.


We are tasked to call consumers and business and collect information from question sets provided, each call will collect different responses, these responses are then used by our client to call back and make that sale for their product or service.

With our 250-seat facility it means every day we have the ability to collect 1000’s of pieces of information and with the correct script and our client using this information correctly we can be an invaluable addition to the sales process.

When clients ask us to be the whole sales process this is not using our skills effectively, to learn a whole process can take weeks or months in a similar way to become a successful lobster fisherman does. We are an invaluable part of the sales process but not the whole process.

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