Sadly, no room at the Inn!!!

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We are now at capacity in line with our business goals for August 2021.

After a very challenging 2020 at TQVS there are very strong signs that pre-pandemic business levels are coming back.

We are a 250-seat centre and in February / March 2020 we were proud to be servicing 180 seats in our UK shift, 60 in Australia and then 50 in the USA. Sadly when the pandemic hit these numbers dropped rapidly as was the case in most sectors.

As a company we had a choice to hold the clients at the time to their contracts, but we decided this was not right as the whole world was in panic and uncertain about the future.

We at TQVS have used this period wisely and taken great steps to bolster our ranks and have we have also allocated increased staffing levels to handle the increase in requests for Lead generation campaigns.

This choice has returned to us in kind and has created stronger relationships between our clients and ourselves as we have seen many of our clients coming back to us and growing.

Our HR team is busy recruiting new agents in preparation for September as we will move to a new level of service building campaigns for our clients in line with our vision to be considered the premier off shore contact centre in the Philippines.

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