Please spend time with us to review your campaign

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When we onboard a new client and campaign the best way to view us is that we are an extension of your company.

With this in mind, we ask that weekly we have a review on the campaign to discuss several factors:

 Where are we winning? Where can we improve?

 Script changes if needed, in the opening, discussion and close in the script.

 The headcount of the team and expansion plans.

 The quality scores we have created internally and then from your quality team, are the 2 teams calibrated.

Questions that our agents have come up with that we can’t answer and need your help

Any other business.

On each weekly review we will ensure we have the updated quality guidelines to review and in addition to this a weekly review deck will be presented with all the key numbers that drive the campaign.

These reviews take no more than 20 to 30 minutes so please give us some of your time so we can help improve the work we do for you!!!

In our centre we have now 2 dedicated conference rooms so if you wish to meet your whole team that’s even possible. In each we have video conferencing facilities to make the reviews face to face and more effective.

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