The taste of success…

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Our agents and team leaders just love it when a client wants to recognise their hard work.

A new client after placing their 2nd order with TQVS asked if it would be possible to have a zoom call with the team, of course we said yes!!!

The client spent the time to ask each of the names of the agents and paid real interest into who they are, it was fun…. lots of smiles and laughs!!!

The client then went on and shared more about their company and the role our agents play in finding them new customers, this improved the knowledge of the team considerably.

The client had the team nice and relaxed on the call and an open ‘Question and Answers’ session took place.

To finish the call he asked the team what’s their favourite fast food and of course pizza was chosen as a thank you the client treated the team to a pizza party, it was great!!!!

Please find a team picture from one of our pantries called the Sea Horse:

The most amazing part is when we spoke to the agents after the call and the pizza treat, all the agents fed back that being recognized was the part they liked the best, knowing the impact of their hard work and how it helps the client grow their business.

At TQVS hard work always pays off!!!!

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