Can numbers fluctuate on campaigns

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The first point to consider is the process involves humans one to make the calls and the second to answer the calls…. not always will the consumer do as we wish…

The second is the criteria of the script and how easy or difficult it will be to find this consumer, the greater the number of qualifying questions, the lower the number of successful calls will be for each agent on the campaign. We suggest when you write your script or add the qualifying questions, you consider that if you asked 100 random people, how many would pass each qualifying question, this should give a strong indication on the numbers that each agent on the campaign will produce each day.

Our agents will pitch to around 160 consumers each day.


Lastly running a campaign with the same script and qualification questions in the same postcodes – at some point we would have pitched everyone… sadly nothing lasts forever… reviewing the conditions of your script and the logic of the campaign on a regular basis will assist in keeping the production number high.

What are the outside influences that can either help an outbound campaign or hinder it?

Hot weather – consumers will always spend more time outside, we combat this by dialling more mobile than landline… very hot weather get the consumers back inside, so very hot weather can aid an outbound campaign.

Cold weather / rain – consumers will spend more time inside this is a great help and we find year on year winter months are much more successful than summer. September to November we call the ‘golden quarter’ for outbound calling.

School holidays – Parents now play a greater role in entertaining their children and when half term comes it’s a chance to get outside and do something as a family, parents have their hands full which is a hinder for outbound calling.

England, Wales, Scotland playing football in major tournaments is just not a good time to call, it’s better that day to adjust the hours of the calling or call just for just a half day.

Bank holidays depending on the weather can have varied results… hot it’s a hinder cold it’s a help!!!

Any change in consumer patterns or routines – the best example over the last year has been lockdown either going in or coming out. When this change happens it takes some time for consumers to settle down and get into the ‘new way of Life’ once that sets in our results go up.

Buying Data – On all campaigns we are always looking to increase results by buying in data to use on a campaign, we work with a large numbers of UK data suppliers but until the data is put in the dialler, we don’t know how effective it will be. If a poor data batch is bought, then results could drop.

Negative or positive news on your product or service in the media can really help or hinder the results our agents can produce.

Please share three things with us on a regular basis:

1. The script that your in house callers are using – we always need to ensure it dovetails with the script our agents are using… using information that we collect for your callers’ script is always a BIG winner.

2. Recordings of the calls your callers make… maybe we can spot issues with the approach they are taking which we can feedback to you to assist in conversion.

3. Any brochure or training material you can send us so we can up skill our agents is always crucial, the greater their knowledge the more confident they will be when making calls.

Always have both landline and mobile CLI’s when you are calling our bites…

We have through trial and error found out consumers fall into the following when answering calls:

  • Some consumers only answer if they know the number – these people don’t answer our calls so don’t get to you.
  • Some consumers only answer landline if it’s local – if not their area they won’t answer so critical to have a mobile option.
  • Some consumers will answer mobile and not landline as they believe it could be a delivery or friend or work call.
  • Some consumers answer anything that calls them.
  • It’s critical to have both landline and mobile numbers when you call out.Weekly check your CLI’s to make sure they are not network blocked or any bad press has been put on them:

The secret weapon – Use as many Saturday calling days to catch the not in and not available consumers that you tried to call during the week.

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