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We had been assessing and considering multiple locations and sites around the Philippines to expand our Manila operation and Bacolod was on our list of places to research. We had arranged to view a few sites in Bacolod and also had come across the TQVS name online and decided we would drop by their office to take a look and determine feasibility and fit for our operations. Upon first impression, we initially noticed the accessibility of the location being on a major street which would be beneficial for staff, and we liked that the building itself was well maintained, clean, and secure upon entry. Once at the TQVS floor, we were greeted by Greg and he and his team took the time to show us the site and available rooms.
Once we saw the TQVS facilities, we knew we had a viable option due to the cleanliness, size, and the real ability to “plug and play” and be operational quickly. We also felt very comfortable with Greg and the staff at TQVS as they had been very communicative and up front during the process- which goes a long way. As things progressed and the pandemic was starting to reach full force, we decided to choose Bacolod and the TQVS site for our company expansion. I can say without any hesitation that we are 100% satisfied and happy with the decision that we made. From day 1, and during a pandemic nonetheless, Greg and the entire TQVS team have been very supportive, helpful, and cooperative in understanding our business needs and adapting to our requirements.
Over the next 1 year plus, we ramped up to more than 100 staff members on-site and there was never a degradation in the service delivery or the availability of facilities. More so than this, we appreciated the relationship that we made with TQVS and their commitment to our satisfaction. It has always been easy to have any items addressed or to ask questions and get answers quickly- which is important when you’re trying to run a 100+ seats in a pandemic while local regulations were rapidly changing and making business more challenging.
We have enjoyed our stay with TQVS and would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for office space / BPO seats. Not only do you get a site that is accessible, clean, secure, and fully equipped, but you get the benefit of working with a team at TQVS who is communicative, trustworthy, cooperative, and most importantly- they deliver on their services. From a business standpoint, the TQVS site checked all the boxes for our needs, and from a personal standpoint, we couldn’t have asked for a better result and are very appreciative of Greg, Piper, Joanne, and the entire TQVS team. If you are looking for a ready-made office space with the support of a helpful team behind them, they are a perfect fit.

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