Our TQVS Values

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TQVS is now in its 8th year of operations and the Directors and Senior Management
wanted to take some time out to discuss what we believe our key values are as a
company in relation to working with our clients.

It was decided that whether we run a campaign for a short time or over a long period,
with a small team or a big team, we should always hold fast to the below company values…

         We treat our client’s money as if it was our own, if we identify any shortcomings, we will always look to ensure the client is advised and billed fairly.
If a team underperforms or we are impacted by tech issues, then our clients should not pay the full amount for that day’s work.

 We will only take on campaigns that we believe we can achieve success – currently we turn down 2 in 3 campaigns as we feel they do not suit our strengths.
In our 8th year we really understand our strengths and the weaknesses within the entire team, and we believe it’s far better to say sorry from start. Every campaign we are offered is reviewed in every respect to measure it’s viability for both parties and we accept or decline based on the belief that we can make it a success.

 If a campaign has a geographic component then the postcodes we dial are very important, once we take on a client with a certain vertical in a particular postcode we will not run another campaign for a different client with the same vertical in that same postcode as we commit to reserve post code targets for our clients. Once a postcode is yours, it’s yours alone until the campaign ends or the post code area is no longer required by the current client!!!

Every campaign we start includes 5 days classroom training for agents as every campaign is unique. We will never put an agent on a campaign that we feel is not suited to the requirements of the campaign. This 5 day training is at the cost of TQVS and is never shouldered by our clients.

We never make promises or agreements we can’t stand up to as our goal with every client is to exceed their expectations. We know it’s far better to keep a client happy with the work we do, then have to find a new client.

Feedback from our clients on ways we can improve are paramount. Making sure we understand our clients processes and overall goals assists us in fitting into the tasks required and where possible help on improving or streamlining the process. If there are ways to get the job done better and more efficiently then these become discussion points. Understanding clearly where we fit into the process can help us to improve our part of what we do for you. We ask as a minimum for a weekly review and make sure our clients are aware that our team is on hand to respond quickly to all situations.

We make sure we engage with each of our client’s regularly and build processes around the campaign to reach new levels of success where possible, clarity and understanding across our team in regards to who is responsible for each area of the set up and operational processes is paramount and we consider this critical to ensure success for ourselves and our clients.

We love what we do and take pride in both excellence and quality in what we produce, quality is King at TQVS.


The TQVS family feel that if we deliver on these values every day, our business will grow and our clients will grow with us.



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