The TQVS Secret of Success

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In any outbound campaign the opening of the call is so critical, it’s then first chance that agent can prove to the consumer that they are worth speaking with..

In that opening part of the call the agent:

 Has 8 seconds to demonstrate that they are professional

 Has the chance to win the consumer over, at the end the day we are taking up consumers time so we need to show them the call is ‘worth’ it

 The agent must give their name and where they are calling from and most importantly give a clear reason for the call

 When we write an opening of a script it is key to have some ‘stressed words’ these are words the agent will pronounce very clearly and a little louder, this aids in making it easier for the consumer to understand the reason for our call. In the script we will underline these words so the agent knows to ‘stress’ them when speaking.

The voice and clarity of the call centre agent is everything and any edge an agent has will make them more successful.

It’s simple maths if our agents can open more calls compared to other call centre locations in the world then our clients product or service has a greater chance to turn into sales and new customers.

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