TQVS Academy Update

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At TQVS we are incredibly proud of the success stories of our ‘freshers’ that start off in our Academy…

TQVS Academy offers anyone who has no call centre background the chance to start their career in one of the largest industries in the Philippines. The course aims to train a ‘fresher ‘and make them into an ‘experienced agent’.

To graduate from the TQVS Academy to a full time position at TQVS needs hard work, commitment and the will to learn….graduation will not be gained by just turning up!!!

Please see below what some of our recent graduates say about TQVS and the TQVS Academy…

I joined TQVS Academy because it caught my interest and I wanted to find out what the call centre industry could offer me, it was a great choice choosing TQVS to lean from.
I liked the course and what we leant its lots of information more than I thought would be given.
Managers and trainers are very supportive to the agents, they discipline us the right way and help us become the better version of ourselves.
TQVS company follows the Covid 19 protective measures for the safety of everyone which makes me feel safe and calm.
When I graduated from Academy I was thankful enough and happy because of the accomplishment I achieved.
Because TQVS is not just a company but also a family.

Im excited to work in a fast paced environment that will challenge me to use all my skills and help me improve my communication skills.
It helped me to strengthen my skills that each employee needs to improve and build a new circle of friends. Accordion Sample Description
They set the example and foster a learning culture, managers and trainers work along side with the agents to show them that they can approach them anytime.
I feel safe because the company make sure that everybody follows the health protocol specially in proper using the face mask and shields and observing social distancing which is neccessary to maintain the safety of everyone.
I felt happy and proud because after all those struggles and sacrifices I've encountered, I finally achieved my goal which is to be in bespoke and earn money.
Because TQVS is a family, we laugh together and maintain the harmonous relationship to one another.

I heard that TQVS company offers good amount of salary and benefits so i decided to joined because at that time I also needed a job so I took the opportunity.
I liked how the trainers handled us they were so approachable, I gained knowledge in different ways on how to communicate and learned time management.
Trainers are always there when we needed helped, they teach passionately and I can say that they really love their jobs.
I feel safe in TQVS because they are really strict on follwing the rules and guidelines to keep the safety of agents and staff.
I felt happy and excited because after all the hard works I've done I will finally enter the next stage which is to be a probationary agent.
Being part of the TQVS team is a great opportunity not just because I could earn money but also work with the people whom Im attached with and became part of my life.

I wanted to have an experience in a call center and enhace my communication skills so I took the opportunity to join TQVS Academy because I know they can help me with my goal.
What I liked the most in training is talking to the customers and be coached if I did some mistakes.
They're very approachable and professional on training, they gave us their 100% attention just to make us understand the lessons.
From the first time I stepped on this company, I noticed that they are following the protocol because they provided temperature and backtrac scanner so I can say that I am safe.
I felt such a privilege and enormous happiness because I graduated from Academy and gained a lot of knowledge from training which I can apply in my next journey towards bespoke.
Because TQVS has a friendly environment and employees we're treated by their managers like their own children.

I heard a lot of positive feedbacks about TQVS which inspired me to joined and I wanted to learned how outbound call centers work.
What I liked the most during the training is that I gained more experienced, friends and how to handle the customers properly during calls.
They are very supportive, they motivate and treat the agents fairly.
The company strictly following the protocols in Covid 19 protective measures which I can proudly say Im very safe.
I felt proud of myself because I surpassed all the struggles I've encountered in my training days and made it to bespoke.
Because everyone is approachable and it has friendly environment which makes me fell i belong here.


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