How has TQVS kept it’s team safe so far…

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As the pandemic has continued to threaten the world at TQVS we continually improve the protection of our team.

The Directors in April challenged the Facilities team on how can TQVS become the safest call centre in Bacolod for employees and we feel we have achieved this.

Many of the safety measures you will read about below have come from our inhouse safety team that meets every 2 weeks to come up with new ways we can improve the safety of the whole TQVS team. Our Safety team have researched how other companies in the world have adapted and they take guidance from the Philippines Health Department.

At TQVS we are very strong believers that a happy team will produce results in turn this will ensure we achieve the demands of our clients and the company will grow.

Please find a list of measures we have put in place….

Bac Trac System / QR code driven, only one-way traffic around the call centre, wearing of mask and shield at all times, foot press hand sanitization stations, strict rules and limited numbers in either of our 2 pantries, Temperature check stations, entry and exit rules for all and maybe the most important our Sanitizing team. We have 4 full time Sanitizers who work every day ensuring every surface is wiped down in every room in the call centre.

Please find below some of these measures we have in place:


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