Motivating & Supercharging the TQVS Team’s Performance

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Most of us have heard the saying “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work” and here at TQVS we understand how vital teamwork is and that’s why our Direct Marketing Questionnaire and Bespoke Teams really click! Incredible results can be achieved by a high functioning team and work becomes more motivating, if it is fun and rewarding.

Our call centre in the Philippines is designed to allow our employees the space to work effectively as individuals (when asking survey questions to consumers), but also the room to come together as a group for team building, ice-breaking tasks and fun games! Call centre, telemarketing and customer service work is hard and keeping your team motivated is key to ensuring targets are reached, productivity and performance remains high and morale is boosted.

Motivate your team by regularly scheduling fun games and team events. Our teams really look forward to dressing up or decorating their workstations (the sillier the better) and this creates a healthy competition in the call centre. We sometimes split the team into groups according to the tasks they usually complete. For example, Appointment Setting Team Vs Data Processing Services or Back Office Solutions Team Vs the UK Lead Generation Team. This makes things interesting in the call centre and gets the teams which wouldn’t normally interact and engage with each other communicating more effectively.

Customers / Clients / Consumers expect to receive calls from well-trained, polite and clearly spoken agents and maintaining high satisfaction rates can be an ongoing challenge. We know from experience that if the quality of the call the consumer receives doesn’t meet expectations, the agents are extremely unlikely to gain the consumer data they require from the call. This is where a game like Chinese Whispers comes in handy. Your team sits in a circle and the aim of the game is for a message (which only the first person in the circle sees), to be whispered to the next person and so on, until the message comes back to the first person and they reveal how similar or different the message is from the original. This can be used as a fun ice breaker, or as an exercise to highlight the importance of Effective Listening.

Most call centres operate using either formal (KPI’s) or informal (games and activities) positive incentives to get the team working towards a common goal.  From pushing to meet the monthly sales targets, or as a mechanism to drive service improvements, adding some healthy competition to your team and providing some rewards can really get a sales team re-energised for the day / tasks ahead and boost overall performance.

Another great way to visualise your teams’ progress is a game of Snakes and Ladders! Firstly, draw a giant board on the wall with numbers and strategically placed snakes and ladders. Every time a team member reaches a certain KPI, they throw a die and move their piece forward on the wall board. Finishing the board should be a relatively challenging objective. The snakes and ladders add an element of luck to the game and makes it so much more interesting. We’ve recently used this with our Sky and Gaming Data campaigns with fantastic results!

There are so many great ideas for games and team tasks on the internet. From basic icebreakers to productive, purpose-made team building activities. Some will give you great feedback on team productivity; others are just fun and provide the team a well-deserved break from the screen to get re-energised. It’s certain that team activities are a powerful motivator that boost team morale and make employees feel appreciated. When your employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to go the extra mile to provide high-quality customer service. That benefits them, you, and the entire company.

At TQVS our last team event went down a frightful storm! We were amazed by the effort every team member put into their scary costumes and dressing their workstations. Prizes were awarded to the best dressed and best decorated workstation. Well done to everyone who took part and made the event such a fantastic success. In this current climate every team needs some fun and games and our Monster Mash event has helped revitalise and supercharge our team’s energy, ready for them to excel in the call centre!

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