Call Centre Jargon!!

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Call centre jargon can be a minefield for those who are new to the industry. Here is a breakdown of the jargon and phrases we commonly use in the call centre industry!

AA      Auto Answer

ACD   Automatic Call Distributor

ACW   After Call Work

AHOD All Hands On Deck

AHT   Average Handle Time

ANI   Automatic Number Identification

APH   Applications per hour

API     Application Program Interface

AS      Application Successful

ASA   Average Speed of Answer

ASAP  As Soon As Possible

ASP   Application Service Provider

ASR   Automatic Speech Recognition

ATA   Average Time of Abandonment

ATB   All Trunks Busy

AWOL Absent without leave

B2B    Business To Business

B2C    Business To Consumer

BC      Business Continuity

BCP    Business Continuity Planning

BI       Business Intelligence

BIC     Best-in-Class

BJ      Board jockey

BPD    Business Process Outsourcing

BOP    Back Office Processing

BOS    Back Office System

BOSS  Bock Office Support Services

CAR    Corrective Action Memo

CC      Call Centre

CCC    Call Centre Campaign

CCP    Contact Centre Philippines

CCR    Customer Controlled Routing

CCSP  Call Centre Services Philippines

CDR   Call Detail Recording

CED    Caller Entered Digits

CEM   Customer Experience Management

CIS     Customer Information System

CLI     Calling Line Identity

CMS   Call Management System

CNX    Connex

CRC    Call Result Code

CRM   Customer relationship management

CSAT Customer Satisfaction

CSR    Customer Service Representative

CSS    Customer Service Solutions

CTI     Computer Telephony Integration

CTPS Corporate Telephone Preference Service

DID   Direct Inward Dialling

DMS   Document Management System

DNC   Do Not Call

DNIS Dialled Number Identification Service

DPR    Daily Performance Report

DR    Disaster Recovery

DSF   Daily sales files

DSL   Digital Subscriber Line

EAI     Enterprise Application Integration

EGS    Echo green space

EOC    End of contract

EOD   End of day

EOM   Employee of the month

EOP    English Only Policy

EOS    End of shift

EPC    Energy performance certificate

ERMS Email Response Management System

ERP    Enterprise Resource Planning

EWT   Expected Wait Time

FA      Food allowance

FCR   First Call Resolution

FCRR First Call Resolution Rate

FTE   Full Time Equivalent

GDS   Grade of Service

HKT    Hot Key Transfer

HR    Human Resources

ICO   Information Commissioner’s Office

INS   Intelligent Network Service

IR      Incident Report

ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network

ISP     Internet Service Provider

IT       Information technology

IVR   Interactive Voice Response

IXC     Interexchange Carrier

KB      Knowledge Base

KM     Knowledge Management

KPI     Key Performance indicator

LAN    Local Area Network

LOA    Least Occupied Agent

MGNT Management

MIA    Most Idle Agent

MMR   Multi Media Routing

MOM   Minutes of the meeting

MRUK Market Research UK

NI      Not Interested

NPS    Net Promoter Score

NSP    Network Service Provider

NTE    Notice To Explain

OAM   Operation Administration & Maintenance

OC     Outbound Campaigns

OJT    On the Job Training

OPA    Off Phone Activity

OPS    Operations

OSI    Open System Interconnector

OT      Overtime

PABX Private Automatic Branch Exchange

PBX    Private Branch Exchange

PC      Personal Computer

PCP    Post Call Processing

PDA    Personal Digital Assistant

POR    Points of Rejection

PPT    PowerPoint

PR      Performance Report

PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network

QA    Quality Assurance

QM     Quality Monitoring

QOS   Quality of Service

RFI     Request for Information

RFP    Request for Proposal

RNA   Ring No Answer

ROI    Return on Investment

RPA    Revenue per agent

RPH    Revenue per hour

SA      Speech Analytics

SaaS   Software as a Service

SBR    Skill Based Routing

SFA    Salesforce Automation

SHR    Sent home report

SIP     Session Initiation Protocol

SL      Service Level

SLA    Service Level Agreement

SPH    Sales per hour

TAPI   Telephony Application Programming      Interface

TCO    Total Cost of Ownership

TPS    Telephone preference service

TSAPI           Telephony Server Application Programming Interface

TTS    Text to Speech

UC   Unified Communications

UCD  Uniform Call Distributor

VAR    Virtual Assistant Rates

VIP     Very Important Person

VoIP  Voice Over Internet Protocol

VOS    Voice Services


VPN   Virtual Private Network

VRU   Voice Response Unit

WAN   Wide Area Network

WFM   Workforce Management

WFO   Work Force Optimization


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