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As a team, let us work together towards a shared vision and direct our individual achievements towards our call centre Philippines organisational goals.

Together, we can accomplish more.

 Work it, wear it!!

Work uniforms present a sense of team spirit, equality, accountability and a sense of belonging when working on a call centre campaign. This in turn, can improve employee productivity.

TQVS has recently released more than 300 corporate team uniforms, with coloured T-shirts that correspond to each department, including voice services, back office support services, outbound campaigns and back office processing.

Nowadays, many businesses customise uniforms with their company logos for identification purposes, and to increase brand awareness, particularly in areas where the company has contributed to economic growth.

A logo that is predominantly displayed on the employees clothing has the same impact as other advertising platforms. The release of the first batch of T-shirts is one of TQVS initiatives to further strengthen our contact centre Philippines team.

What to expect in the BPO World in 2020

In 2020, observers forecast further innovation and development in voice services outsourcing. Some of the trends that will have a great impact on customer service solutions outsourcing strategy include data security, as cyber criminals aimed at data breaches have attacked business and government organisations worldwide in 2019.

Another is further development in automation such as AI technology, robotic automation process, and other automated back office support services.

Customer centric processes are also a related trend that has been carried through 2019. To adapt to these technological changes, a more skilled workforce is also expected to keep pace with the evolving dynamics of business processes.

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