Establishing a Contact Centre

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Guide to Establishing a Contact Centre Business in the Philippines.

Contact Centres Are Important

Starting your own contact centre can be a prolific business, as there is high demand for third-party firms that specialise in inbound and outbound communication with customers and prospective clients at present. Contact centres enable

business organisations to organise communications with clients, prospects, and other companies. Businesses either create their own centre or subcontract such services.

Customers started as early as the 19th century with the invention of the telephone and has evolved since then with the development of other communication channels. Industrial growth prompted the need for a subsection of a business that focuses on customer service. The presence of call centres makes it easier for companies to engage customers for various business objectives. These centres generally serve as revenue generators, customer service providers, cost-cutters, or other functions depending on the type of industry catered. Greater demand for contact centres worldwide has led to massive expansion of outsourced service industries in countries that provide competent call centre services.

Set Up Your Own BPO Company in the Philippines.

You can start your own Business Process Outsourcing firm without investing millions to run BPO operations. The idea of operating one with high-end facilities is great, but this will be unfeasible unless you have several clients. In fact, many local and foreign entrepreneurs, who have observed how this industry flourished in the Philippines over the past two decades, prefer starting out with a small-scale outsourcing business with a large turnover.

In recent years, more small-scale (i.e. home-based) call centres have been created to minimise seat-rental expense! These service providers cater to small businesses that cannot afford to outsource big BPO companies. So, while hatching a plan to run your own call centre, consider the current and forthcoming trade forecasts as well.

Define the kind of BPO you want to focus on. This helps you determine the manpower and facilities needed to support your services. The IT-BPO industry in the Philippines comprises more than eight sub-sectors – call centres, knowledge process outsourcing (KPOs) and back offices, animation, software development, game development, engineering design, legal and medical transcription, and data analytics. What would you like to specialise?

The Philippines is the world’s top call centre hub. Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) records indicate around 788 call centers operating in at least twenty different cities and urban centers. Business outsourcing is a sustainable industry in the Philippines. Projected revenue for 2017 to 2018 is over $25 billion. The call centre segment, which employs more than a million Filipino professionals at present, is the biggest contributor.

Do you have clients? Global outsourcing services have become a popular alternative for companies in developed countries. Several big brands in the US, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada prefer outsourcing jobs in Philippine call centres. Before envisioning your plans of starting this business, make sure that you have prospective clients lined up.

Filipino BPO professionals are one of the best contact centre workers in the world. They have excellent spoken English, high literacy rate, and are willing to undergo rigorous training for a high-value profession in the IT-BPO industry.

Remuneration for IT-BPO workers in the Philippines is relatively lower compared to salaries in other countries. Companies pay less for reliable and high-quality outsourced jobs in the PH.

The greater demand for outsourcing services in the Philippines today is a favourable condition for you to set up your own call centre business in the country. Besides Metro Manila, there are several urban centres in the provinces where you can start this business with lesser cost of operating expenses. Bacolod City in the Visayas region is known for excellence in IT-BPO operations and was included in Tholons Top 100 International Outsourcing Destinations in 2017.

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