Why is security so important?

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Why is security so important?

Call Centre Philippines

In any business that deals with personal data and has a large pool of staff, security is crucial. We have a staff of around 250 and there are numerous situations that could mean data is in jeopardy. DBI and TQVS maintain our security to the highest standard to ensure that we are equipped to handle any situation that could arise.

Having such a large BPO Philippines call centre can lead to compromising situations both for staff and equipment. If you can imagine, we have a 250-seat call centre, open 24 hours a day, and every single one of those seats has its own laptop. It would be absolute chaos if a break in occurred and call centre campaign data was compromised.

There has also been in a recent increase in ensuring that all members of staff are safe. Every member of our telemarketing Philippines staff has had to acclimatise to three shift zones (Australia, USA and UK) which means that hours can be incredibly late, and many don’t leave until the early hours of the morning. Keeping our staff members safe is paramount. We truly care about each individual’s well-being and another, lesser important point, is that the reputational risk of a security breach endangering a member of staff is enormous. To help combat this, we have a security guard on site at all times as well as 24-hour CCTV that covers all of the call centre.

Dealing with data can also be problematic in terms of security. In our line of business, it has become vital to store data accurately (GDPR anyone?) but what about cyber security? If our customers are not safe from hackers and other cyber security criminals, then we are not giving them the experience they deserve. Numerous security methods are implemented including (but not limited to) positive identification services, limiting system access, using the most up-to-date antivirus software and using a system admin to be responsible for periodic backups.

The stronger our centre’s infrastructure, the safer our customer’s personal information and data will be from cyber criminals. Data breaches can have huge consequences, particularly to businesses when using the data for leads so we make its security of paramount importance to us as a company.

Even 10 Downing Street is not 100% secured, but we at TQVS try to implement a security structure that means if disaster were to strike, we are prepared!

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