Why is a licenced supported dialler so important?

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We are living in an era where technology continuously changes at a rate never seen before. We’re able to ask Alexa what the weather is like first thing in the morning, take selfies using augmented reality filters, and speak to our smart TV’s to start playing the latest episode of whatever series we’re currently wrapped up in. Technology is transforming all industries around us and, particularly in our highly tech-savvy BPO Philippines industry, it is crucial to ensure we’re matching the expectation and standards on time. Keeping abreast of call centre campaign technology trends, we need to constantly scale up our business processes for voice services which includes the use of a licensed predictive dialler software.

There are a few reasons why having this licensed supported dialler is so important to both our outbound campaigns and yours. This technology actually allows us to blend calls within the call centre that deals with both outbound campaigns and inbound customer service solutions. In order for this to work and be successful, we need to ensure that the process between outbound campaigns calls is done so seamlessly so that we can enforce a more efficient approach and a higher customer satisfaction. A licensed supported dialler is key!

Having a dialler also helps to keep the database updated at all times. As we all know, accurate information is crucial within our industry so having an additional medium for continuing our GDPR compliance is ideal. Furthermore, the dialler allows our managers to monitor the performance of agents through the integrated call monitoring and recording interfaces.

Lastly, having a licensed supported dialler means a large cost reduction to your BPO Philippines business! You’ll no longer need an expensive PBX setup or an operator who manually maintains the call log or routes calls to agents.

Overall, a dialler can only mean positive things for your business. Helping your call centre campaign with accuracy, efficiency and saving money.

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