Lucky numbers, Spin the wheel, Winner Winner Chicken Diner…

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Treats, Lucky numbers, Spin the wheel, Winner Winner Chicken Diner…

At TQVS, we understand the importance of rewarding staff for stellar performances as well as incentivising to boost morale. We’ve created a solid staff incentive path that we continuously run. This includes cash incentives, daily treats and competitions, all designed to motivate agents to achieve the desired results. We’ve had to tailor our incentive structure to compliment local Filipino culture and ensure we’re maximising the ways in which agents can achieve additional income.

One of our most popular incentives is the ‘Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner’. Two of our best performing agents of the week will eat with the site managers as a reward for their hard work. Food is supplied by the business. Arguably, the best part of winning this incentive is the kudos that comes along with it. We’ve been running this for so long that winners are acclaimed amongst the call centre campaign staff, and rightly so!

Lucky Numbers is another incentive that is hugely popular amongst the outbound campaigns centre. Before a shift starts, lucky numbers are drawn and placed on the board for all to see. The number of lucky tickets and agent can receive is dictated by their performance on that day. At the end of the shift, all customer service solutions agents get a chance to pick a number from the hat and if their number correlates with any of the lucky numbers on the board then they are able to win a prize. As food is always a valued commodity in the office, we like to treat our staff to morning tea as a small reward for their efforts throughout the day which can get rather hectic.

Lastly, Spin the Wheel is a daily incentive we run. A little self-explanatory, we give all voice services agents the chance to spin a lottery style wheel to receive corresponding prizes based on the number of applications an agent gets daily for a call centre campaign. These prizes could be as simple as coffee, chocolates, biscuits which our agents enjoy in the back office support services room.

We’ve found that by investing more into creating an enjoyable workplace, where rewards for high achievers are the norm, we get back far more than the initial expense. Working in a BPO Philippines call centre means long hours and quite often concentration can dwindle. By enforcing these incentives, concentration has increased and we are able to continuously provide leads that are of the high standard we’re renowned for.

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