TQVS now has a full-time nurse

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In the new year, we welcomed Rexelle, our first full time call centre nurse. She serves as our HMO point person and monitors employees’ health and wellness as well as administrating nursing care to employees in emergency and non-emergency cases.

With a 250-seat outbound campaigns centre, we feel it is our duty of care to each staff member to have a nurse available, should the worst happen. She is able to implement all health and safety related programs for the company and respond immediately in emergency cases.

We feel that mental health is as important as physical health so we have had Rexelle create programs for TQVS and conduct awareness programs to all customer service solutions staff. These programs include top tips as well as information regarding keeping individuals safe when leaving the office.

Rexelle is our eyes and ears in terms of healthcare so she continuously provides recommendations on the different ways in which the company can improve the working conditions based on the BPO Philippines Occupation Safety and Health Standards and stays abreast of the latest health programs via the Department of Health

So far, she has been invaluable to us as a business, creating a 2020 wellness activities proposal based on the DOH calendar, helped in creating Multi-Emergency Response Team and Health and Safety Committee and has set up our clinic according to DOH and DOLE requirements.

We asked Rexelle what her favourite thing about her role is so far, “I feel so good inside when I am given the trust to improve company’s existing Health and Safety procedures. Actually, it gives me inner peace understanding that I can contribute my knowledge and skills in being a Company Nurse, especially in providing health teachings to employees, and seeing them learn.”

We wish Rexelle the best of luck in her new role.

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