TQVS agents enjoy new benefits

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At the beginning of each year, TQVS likes to review what we’re offering staff members and see if there’s anything else we can be doing to improve and reward anyone going above and beyond in their role in our BPO Philippines.

We’ve had a plethora of new benefits introduced in 2020. Monthly incentives are set to run. The Star Award is given out to someone with impeccable attendance, quality work and never being sent home from work. We also give award a member of staff purely for perfect attendance, this also includes no over break issues.

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Anyone who has worked on a call centre campaign understands that there are usually high staff turnover levels. To combat this, we have introduced a milestone bonus. This is to be given to employees based who have reached certain milestone with the company based of length of service. This can be awarded on 3rd, 9th and 12th anniversaries. We’ve also created an annual merit increase – this is for every 12 months of service with the company and is a maximum of 5% based on their daily basic rate.

TQVS strives to reward any employee who is performing above average in their role. We have implemented four new means of measuring and awarding success. These are the ‘Mega Hitters of the Month’, ‘Top 5 Trainees of the Month’, ‘Top 5 Trainees of the Week’ and ‘Top 10 Big Hitters of the Month’. These cover all bases and give new starters a chance to get praise for their hard work.

Something we are carrying on from next year, is our continuous activities both in and outside of work that create a positive teamwork and social attitude. This year we introduce birthday greetings, Friday draws, theme days, team building activities and also eco-friendly activities. It’s set to be an exciting year for TeleQuest Voice Services!

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