Milestone reached we now have 150

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Milestone reached we now have 150+ agents on paid hourly rate outbound campaigns

At TQVS, we believe it’s important to celebrate any high’s either our staff members or us as a business experience. This month we reached a vital milestone that shows exactly how our business is progressing and expanding. For our hourly rate call centre campaign activity, we now have over 150 agents FTE.

In the last six months we have grown from a solid staff of 80 agents to 150. A rather quick succession proving the solidity of the business as a whole. As we continue to rapidly expand, our methods of hard work, high reward is proving itself to work. We are now able to deal with more outbound campaigns, voice services, and including our market research UK campaigns, as well as provide a newly refurbished workspace for our employees.

We look forward to continuing to increase our presence in the BPO Philippines world. For the staff that have recently joined us, we promise to train them to the best of our abilities and make work an enjoyable aspect of their lives. With staff turnover rates at a record low, the future looks bright for outbound campaigns at TQVS.

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