January team building so enjoyed by all…

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call center bacolodJanuary’s team building event took place in a small resort called Palmas del Mar. Ninety-five members of staff were invited to join the festivities following their consistently high-performance rates working in customer service solutions. Palmas del Mar is a local venue which showcases seaside living and a multitude of amenities including waterslides, two pools, even a natural fishing reserve! The resort also includes a play park with rides for children as TQVS strives to be an inclusive, family orientated company.

These team building events are not an anomaly. TQVS look to implement staff team building events on bi-weekly and monthly basis. Prior to January’s team building event, TQVS had a huge New Years kick off party for all members of staff that took place in the Bacolod office.


bacolod call centreAnyone who has worked in telemarketing Philippines space before understands the importance of team building events and rewards for a great work ethic and performance. In the Philippines this is particularly crucial though. Filipino cultures differs greatly from Western culture in many ways, one of which is needing a strong emotional connection. Having these regular events means that work is providing more than just being ‘work’, you’re able to make friends and let off steam. TQVS have found that teams on all call centre campaigns and outbound campaigns work better together as a unit where social activities have been introduced. These events are also a fantastic opportunity for TQVS to recognise and reward those who have put in exceptional efforts but mostly it’s about having fun!!

Next on the agenda is our Valentines Day event. We’ll be decking out the centre in hues of pink and red including balloons at every campaign station. A lucky prize draw will be running as well as a bowl of love notes so agents can pass along messages to each other.

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