Everyone is loving our new look..

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Over the last 12 – 18 months, we’ve been working hard to renovate and improve our call centre Philippines operation. A huge amount of work has been put in and we can now finally let our staff enjoy their new surroundings.

We have updated and upgraded every single call centre campaign room which has included new desks and partitions to help create a more professional atmosphere. New carpeting has also been fitted throughout the centre to match our new aesthetic.

Inspired by our founder and director’s love for scuba diving, an underwater theme has been implemented throughout all the different Customer service solutions rooms. Our main voice services calling room has been aptly named ‘The Shark Tank’, pictures of sharks cover the walls and add to the atmosphere whilst on the phone.

We have eight other ocean themed rooms, puffer fish, lionfish, dolphin, seahorse, barracuda, piranha, manta ray and octopus each with décor to match its namesake. All of the fighting fish are our outbound campaigns rooms and the dolphin room is our training hub. We wanted to create a larger sense of teams within the centre and by dividing staff members up amongst the different sea creatures we have been able to achieve this.

The new look has helped increase professionalism and productivity. We wanted to provide a safe and happy working space for our staff members, and they seem to be loving the changes so far.

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