TQVS hosts spectacular dance party

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TQVS has recently hosted a spectacular neon dance party for all of our employees. Organiser and director, Piper Esguerra adds “We hold special themed activities such as floral day, back to school days, and now disco night. During these activities, agents’ creative juices flow and they become more enthusiastic regarding their roles and productivity.”
Commenting further, Piper says “A lot of things could happen in a few days in operations, and we know it can be stressful. This is our way of keeping our team grounded and motivated” Senior operations manager Jazz Albert said such activities offer employees both a chance for respite and to bond with colleagues.
Jazz comments “Hardworking employees need the opportunity to let their hair down and unwind. By providing and unique activities, the company offers opportunities for agents to meet, strengthen bonds with fellow agents whom they may not interact with on a regular basis. We want our agents to be happy and not dragging themselves to work. We find such activities boost morale, productivity, mood and spirit”
Agents, management and directors all partied together to the dance music under a neon lighting backdrop and a super time was had by all. Go TQVS!!

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