TQVS Finds Great Talents for 2019

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Telequest Voice Services has hired new agents in order for the current workforce to keep pace with the company’s expansion and current operations. Not only are we filling up more positions, but we also try to overcome existing skills gaps. Around 25 agents are almost done with their training and will soon be dialling for Australian accounts. Expanding our dedicated staff for AU accounts means generating accurate and compliant data focused on the region. TQVS employs and continually trains agents to cater to the needs of our growing number of clients.

Bacolod prides itself in the abundance of skilled IT-BPO professionals who can handle various contact centre jobs.  TQVS takes part in cultivating these talents and in providing the community with more employment opportunities. Our training managers and seasoned agents support new trainees until they gain the confidence to be effective communicators to thousands of English-speaking consumers.

Telequest congratulates the new batch of trainees for achieving the first step to more success in their contact centre profession.

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