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October is a festive month in many countries worldwide.  The Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving, and Halloween are some of the highly celebrated occasions across several continents. Filipinos observe these festivities as well and celebrate their local festivals that dawn the Christmas season in the country. One of the main attractions in the Philippines during this time of the year is the MassKara Festival, an annual event held in Bacolod City. Telequest Voice Services joins the rest of the Hiligaynon communities in the much-awaited Fiesta of the Masks in the City of Smiles.

We have just had a kick-off activity at TQVS, our own mask-making contest, which showcased the staff’s artistic creations.  The mini event is also one way of spicing up our schedule for the week and paying homage to the town’s tradition. Participants used decorative materials like beads and capiz shells to create the glittery and colourful masks and headdresses. TQVS bosses have chosen the best creations and have announced the finalists. Congratulations to the winners!

Historically, the MassKara Festival began in the 1980s as a symbolic action to uplift the townsfolk during the difficult economic crises and tragedies that befell the province. The portmanteau term “MassKara” means a multitude of faces, and the Bacolod masks are special as they collectively project smiley expressions of hope and prosperity. Indeed, Bacolod City has emerged more prosperous over the past four decades. From a struggling sugar bowl, it is now one of the best locations for direct investments and outsourcing firms in the country. The localised parade of masks has also evolved into a big tourist attraction in the city over the years and has boosted the citizens’ livelihood.

Build-up activities for the festival usually take place on the third week of October or earlier and culminate with a glitzy parade on the fourth Sunday. Bright costumes and smiling masks fill the city streets and create a festive atmosphere. Go frolicking to the Latin and contemporary beats as masked marchers parade around the city streets.

Don’t miss out on this crowd-pulling celebration if you’re planning to visit the Philippines in October.  TQVS is inviting everyone to enjoy the city’s month-long celebration of the MassKara Festival. Discover Bacolod, its culture, and lovely people with your family and friends.  This year’s celebration includes activities like the mask and costume competition, street dancing, musical concerts, MassKara beauty pageant, and more surprises.  Come to Bacolod City and experience the magnificent smiles beyond the masks.

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