A Day in The Life of A Call Centre Agent

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At sundown, while the majority of Filipino workers tend to loosen up after a tiring day, most call centre employees are headed to work. Over a million outsourced Filipino professionals have adapted foreign standard time, as most foreign-owned IT-BPO firms operate during their head office’s business hours. The call centre industry boom in the Philippines generated more jobs in the country, but it compelled millions of Filipino workers to adjust their way of life in accordance to global time and culture. Despite these adjustments, many young and old professionals opt to work in the call centre industry because of its numerous benefits.

Telequest Voice Services offer the perks of working both a daytime and nightshift job. The business operates from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm PST. With this work schedule, employees can avoid the hassle and traffic jams associated with the rush hours of early mornings and late afternoons. Employees get to enjoy ample time to re-energize and to bond with family or friends before and after work. On top of these, the agents get higher remuneration packages and other benefits compared with salaries in other job sectors in the region.

For a TQVS call centre agent, each day holds a promise. Unlike the notion that call centre work is tedious because agents have to communicate with foreign customers every day, contacting various consumers for the brands endorsed does more to hone the agents’ professional skills. A typical day starts with dressing up in one’s outfit-of-the-day, personable and comfortable business casuals. Packed lunch is readied as well before going to work, as agents prefer savouring scrumptious and healthy home-made meals. For some, not a day passes by without a moment for social media browsing and update.

At work, the agents check station equipment and to-do lists to keep pace with their tasks for the whole shift. Meetings and short consultations take place once in while to ensure targets and to troubleshoot work-related issues. On coffee breaks or after office hours co-workers would huddle and talk about their engagements. Sharing daily experiences and exchanging thoughts help them unwind and foster encouragement among colleagues. Agents attend company-sponsored seminars and development training as well.

Working at TQVS is not just about providing customer service to overseas customers. It also moulds Filipino talents to be globally competitive. The call centre industry continues to provide well-paid jobs for millions of professionals when other industries could not accommodate more workers who wish for employment related to their field. Therefore, call centre work should not be thought of as a second option, but rather a worthwhile profession where one can have personal growth. IT-BPO workers and freelancers have become new pillars in the Philippine economy. We, at TQVS, are proud to be part of it.


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