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TeleQuest Voice Services is an exemplary telemarketing Philippines operations and industry experts in B2C & B2B lead generation. Utilising a senior management team with over 30 years’ experience in the call centre Philippines world, along with a highly motivated team of over 250 agents, we deliver world class telesurveys, back office system, telemarketing and telesales services.

Bespoke Outlook Campaigns


A bespoke campaign involves generating hot leads specifically for your business. Prospects who have agreed to talk to you regarding your products and services. Our team has over 7 years of experience in this space. Click below to discover more.

Market Research


You have a brand or product. You want to know how the public perceives you. We call the public and ask them the questions you want the answers to. We then feedback this invaluable information directly to you. Click below to discover more.

Lead Generation and Data Mining


Our back office support services include data entry, data mining, data validation, data requalification and live chat support. Our virtual assistant rates are up to 30% lower than Manilla and Cebu. Click below to read more.

Managed Seat Service Wet and Dry


Wet managed seat services provide everything for your campaign including agents, PC’s and IT, office space, HR and management. A dry service is the same except you provide your own staff and management. Read more below

Our Story

We run active campaigns for various verticals, providing a bespoke service to numerous industries and businesses – operating 24 hours covering international time zones as required.

We are directed and managed by UK and Australian nationals with over 30 years of combined contact centre and voice services experience. We are highly proficient outbound direct marketing campaigns, script adherence and back office system support, utilising the latest technology and delivering results.

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Telemarketing Philippines

About Us

TeleQuest Voice Services is a telemarketing Philippines operation located in Bacolod City, The Philippines, servicing the UK, American and Australian Markets. The Philippines, American and Australian Markets. Each of our three time zones are run by natives from those countries. The advantage of operating a BPO Philippines in Bacolod City are lower costs of living and lower operational costs, meaning our seat costs are often 30% lower than Manila and Cebu.

Our Services

TeleQuest Voice Services represents a broad range of industry sectors to create B2C & B2B lead generation. Our key services in our BPO Philippines operation are Outbound, Inbound, Marketing Questionnaires, Customer Care / Customer Service, Data Entry plus Back office system support. These services are provided through our teams of telemarketing Philippines agents specialising in different campaigns to provide clients with high quality, cost effective telesurveys and telemarketing, delivering insightful and tangible results that matter to you.

An Extension of your Team

Superior processes and technology are fundamental, but people are the heart of great service. Our telemarketing Philippines agents know how to maximize every point of contact to generate leads.

We are obsessed with delivering an exceptional BPO Philippines experience. We have the experience, technology and resources to help you reach new markets nationally and globally, without sacrificing the quality and individual attention needed.

We recruit the most experienced call centre agents. By utilising thorough and comprehensive training programs, our agents will deliver the results you require.

Our designated outbound 250 seat call handling facility is designed to provide our clients with a seamless extension to their business. A true BPO Philippines partner.

We also offer back office support services including data entry, data mining, email, social media and live chat handling.

TeleQuest Voice Services provide office space services at a rate up to 30% lower than Manilla and Cebu. If you plan to grow your business in the Philippines, then our call centre managed Seat Service is for you. Our 250-seat call centre is located in one of the most advanced cities in the Philippines. Our available space can be customised in accordance with your business needs at affordable rates. The recent boom in telemarketing Philippines operations has lead to growth and prosperity across the nation.

Industries TeleQuest Voice Services successfully works with

• Life, Home & Car Insurance
• Private Medical Insurance
• Financial Services
• Warranties Product
• Pension Reviews
• Later Life Services
• Business Interruption Claims
• Home Security
• Equity Release

• Landline & Home Phone Switchers
• Charity Donators –UK, OZ & NZ
• Home Improvement
• Gas & Electric Switchers
• Eco and Green Deals
• Holiday / Travel
• Market Research
• Data confirmation
• Mobility aids

Our Vision

“Guided by our purpose and values, TeleQuest Voice Services aims to be a globally competitive contact centre and back office system support service that provides economic opportunities for the community whilst offering exceptional marketing solutions and services worldwide.”

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