When establishing a start-up business, a small-scale telemarketing operation, or a call centre perhaps, investors are typically faced with quite a few questions before finalising decisions. Office space is certainly one of the main factors to consider in planning a business.

TQVS offers office space solution that leads to successful business launch! If you plan to grow your business in the Philippines, then our Call Centre Managed Seat Service is for you. Our 220-seat call centre is located in one of the best cities in the Philippines can be customized in accordance to your business needs. You can avail a call centre seat at any of our well-run call centres at affordable rates.

TQVS Managed Seat Service helps you economize on expenditure and precious time. Businesses who opt for Call Centre Managed Seat Service are provided an operational and well-equipped centre for subcontracting. It allows the investor to focus capital on operating the different parts of the business even at decentralized offices or locations. Moreover, most of the resources can be allocated for improving other business features.

TQVS Managed Seat Service package includes everything you need to get your team up and running on your intended venture – fully-furnished computerized workspaces with Internet connection, well-ventilated rooms, comfortable office furniture and facilities. Our terms can be flexible because we want the service to cater to your needs.

We would not necessitate investing a huge cash outlay; meaning – your business can launch with a small facility before upgrading to a bigger one as your company thrives. Furthermore, it lessens concerns about facility arrangement.

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