Eco Page



Committed in finding sustainable ways to grow business while protecting the planet and other resources, TQVS, together with the help of its employees will continue to develop policies that will take several environmental points such as substance throw outs, waste storage and disposal management, water conservation, and recycling into a more serious level.
The Philippines is one of the most popular destinations of individuals who want to experience a breath-taking views of its beautiful islands. Hence, the country’s aquatic sceneries have been hailed as one of the most visited sights in the world. It is a challenge, however, to raise awareness and promote protecting its oceans and other water resources. Realizing that it is everyone’s duty to save and protect the environment, TQVS endeavors to address different issues that will greatly affect next generation including:
– Pollution
– Overfishing
– Ocean warming and
– Acidification
Our advocacy of protecting the environment is rooted to some of the country’s prime organization who supports the same goal. These are:
– Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines 
– Marine Conservation Philippines 
– Save Philippine Sea and;
– Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines 
At TQVS, we believe that taking good care of the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Hence, the success of any business doesn’t only rely on how good its people are in delivering required output but also in becoming a good steward of nature.